Pakistani TikTok Star Daniyal Khan and Three Others Passed Away | Sad Reaction

Hello friends, watch my reaction on complications of Pakistani TikTok Star Daniyal Khan Dies in Tragic Car Accident, altogether Four people died due to overspeeding.

An unfortunate car accident in Islamabad claimed the lives of four youngsters two days ago. One of them has been identified as the famous 20 year old TikTok star Daniyal Khan.

According to Islamabad Police, the accident happened due to over-speeding and careless driving by the youngsters.

Three of them died on the spot while one of the lost his life during treatment at PIMS.

Daniyal Khan was among one of the most prominent Tiktok personalities in Pakistan. The youngster had over 0.2 million followers on his official Tiktok account.

Fans were shocked to hear about the unfortunate accident. They expressed sadness at the unfortunate death of their favourite star.

The unfortunate accident happened at Islamabad’s I-8 after the car hit a pillar under the overpass.

The incident happened at late at night. The car crash was heard by the whole neighbourhood, with people coming out of their houses to see what the commotion was about. The wreckage of the car also spread out all over the road. The bodies were taken out by the passersby from the car.

The other three youngsters who died in this unfortunate accident were identified as Danial, Usama and Adnan.

The accident highlights that despite better roads and infrastructure, the drivers themselves need to be responsible for their conduct on the road. Its unfortunate what happened no doubt.

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